Our two-fold mission

  1. Publishing and curating critical editions of Latin texts, of all types, from all eras, and facilitating an ongoing scholarly conversation about these texts through open collaboration and annotation.
  2. Facilitating the finding and, where openly available and accessible online, the reading of all texts written in Latin.

Latin texts of all types, of all eras.


The Digital Latin Library

TabletThe Digital Latin Library (DLL) is a joint project of the Society for Classical Studies, the Medieval Academy of America, and the Renaissance Society of America. The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation's Scholarly Communications Program funds the project, and the University of Oklahoma hosts it.

We use the word "library" to describe our project because that word's many meanings apply to what we're building: a library of texts and resources, a place where individuals and groups can study and collaborate on projects, a series of volumes published according to a uniform standard, and resources for digital applications.




Spotlight on Resources

This space is for highlighting Internet resources for Latinists. The spotlight is currently on Thebarum Fabula: Digital Library of the Theban Myth, "a research project that aims to create an open-access website to serve as an exhaustive repository of resources, standard critical editions and recent translations of Greek and Roman works dealing with the fratricidal struggles of the Terrigenae and the sons of Oedipus, Eteocles and Polynices." Read more ….

Facilitating the finding and reading of all Latin texts.


Project Updates

October 4, 2021
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An update on the Digital Latin Library project is long overdue.

November 26, 2020
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I apologize for the long delay since my last update on the Digital Latin Library Project. Every time I think I have a moment to spare to write an update, I think, "No, I should really spend that time working on [insert DLL project here]." But if I never write an update, no one will know that the project is still going strong. So, here's a brief update on what we have been up to.


We're doing a "soft launch" of our catalog site over the next several weeks. We've loaded a bunch of author and work authority records, and we'll be adding lots of records of individual items from HathiTrust, the Internet Archive, and other sites in the coming days and weeks.

August 20, 2018
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S.J. Huskey

By Andrew Dunning

April 11, 2018
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Andrew Dunning

The Digital Latin Library project announces a workshop on the preparation of critical editions of Latin texts according to the soon-to-be-released encoding guidelines for the Library of Digital Latin Texts (LDLT), a series of new, born-digital editions to be published under the auspices of the So

January 21, 2017
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Samuel Huskey