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  • Samuel Huskey, Professor, Department of Classics and Letters, University of Oklahoma. Huskey is the director of the project and the content area specialist. His scholarship spans the classical, medieval, and neo-Latin periods, and he has extensive experience with technology and digital humanities scholarship. He also has editorial experience, having served for six years as Peter Green’s editorial assistant for the journal Syllecta Classica, another six years as web master for the Classical Association of the Middle West and South, and many years as the SCS’s information architect.
  • June Abbas, Professor, School of Library and Information Studies, University of Oklahoma. Abbas specializes in information behavior, metadata standards, and digital collections architecture. She has served as chair of the American Library Association’s Resource Description and Access (RDA) Conference Forums and Programs Taskforce for many years, and she has had significant involvement with the American Society for Information Science and Technology’s Special Interest Groups on Information Behavior and Digital Libraries. Her book, Structures for organizing knowledge: Exploring taxonomies, ontologies, and other schema (2010), concerns the main issues of creating a framework for a digital collection such as the DLL.
  • Chris Weaver, Associate Professor, School of Computer Science, University of Oklahoma. Weaver specializes in information visualization, visual analytics, databases, and human-computer interaction. He also has significant experience and interest in working on digital humanities projects such as Digging into the Enlightenment (with collaborators at Stanford and Oxford), and he recently received a prestigious five-year NSF Career grant to develop new interactive visualization and open-ended annotation techniques for digital humanities teaching and scholarship. Weaver and his students will collaborate with Abbas on the construction of the digital library, but their main project will be designing and building the Java-based components and user interfaces of the application that will be the centerpiece of the Library of Digital Latin Texts.


  • Hugh Cayless, Senior Digital Humanities Developer, Duke Collaboratory for Classical Computing
  • Tom Elliott, Associate Director for Digital Programs and Senior Research Scholar
  • Alex Ward, independent developer and IT professional.

Computer Science Graduate Research Assistants

  • Bharathi Asokarajan
  • Shejuti Silvia
  • Sudarshan Reddy Vangala
  • Vamshi Krishna Sunchu

Library Information Studies Graduate Research Assistants

  • Renée Baker
  • Ryan Bott
  • Allison Campbell
  • Gina Cash
  • Anna-Rose Cozad
  • Francesco Gerali
  • Rebekah Silverstein

Classics Undergraduate Assistants

  • Michael Brown
  • Sarah Crain
  • Virginia K. Felkner
  • Matthew Haught
  • Elizabeth Knapp
  • Alexander Konieczny
  • Matthew Mitchell
  • Campbell Nilsen
  • Ana Oaxaca
  • Alexandra Owens
  • Rachel Rucker
  • Alexander Konieczny
  • AJ Wachter


  • Cyndy Adams
  • Rachelle Barteau
  • Jineva Byrne
  • Andrea Nichol