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The Library of Digital Latin Texts

Anyone with access to a networked computer and some knowledge of Latin can publish texts on the Internet, in the sense of making a text publicly available, but many Latin texts currently online lack a critical apparatus, the hallmark of a reliable, scholarly edition. Those that do have a critical apparatus usually lack the backing of a scholarly publisher and the legitimation that comes from review by one’s peers.

Although editorial practices differ among scholars working on classical, medieval, and humanist texts, our user studies have demonstrated that there is general agreement that a viable digital format specifically for critical editions and commentaries of Latin texts, combined with a legitimate forum in which to publish them, would advance the field of Latin studies.

Accordingly, the mission of the DLL's Library of Digital Latin Texts (LDLT) is to provide standards, practices, and policies for creating, publishing, and working with born-digital critical editions of Latin texts from all eras.

The DLL works with three learned societies—the Society for Classical Studies, the Medieval Academy of America, and the Renaissance Society of America—to offer a pathway for peer review and publication of LDLT editions.

For more information about the LDLT and to see view the currently available editions in our online reading room, please visit