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MAA Editions

By Samuel J. Huskey | February 23, 2024

We're pleased to announce the publication of three editions in the Library of Digital Latin Texts(LDLT), in partnership with the Medieval Academy of America.

These editions are part of a larger project, the Scholastic Commentaries and Texts Archive, under the direction of Jeffrey C. Witt.

The LDLT is a good option for scholars like Witt and his collaborators. First and foremost, peer review is the foundation of the LDLT's publishing pipeline. In this case, the MAA managed the peer review process; our two other partners, the Society for Classical Studies and the Renaissance Society of America, handle the peer review process for texts in their scholarly domains. Second, editors retain the copyright to their work, and they can freely use the texts in their own projects. Third, since the LDLT can publish texts of any length, it's a good choice for publishing all of a work or excerpts. Finally, the LDLT does not have the same concerns that drive commercial presses, so we can publish texts that might not otherwise have an outlet.

Another benefit to publishing in the LDLT is that editions are published as version-controlled repositories of source files. This means that editions are not tightly bound to interfaces that can and do become obsolete as technology advances. We do provide some tools for rendering the code and viewing the editions online and in print, but we maintain a strict division between an edition's code and its visualization.

Since the editions by Witt et al. are part of the Scholastic Commentaries and Texts Archive, which has its own interfaces and viewing environment, we're providing links to the texts as they appear there.

Click the "HTML" link to see the editions rendered in your web browser. Click the "Code Repository" link for access to the published source files.

If you're curious about the DLL's own tools for viewing LDLT editions, you can go to to see options for viewing a sample edition in our own browser-based environment or as a PDF.